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Asics Ultimate 81 Black Birch


Black Camel


Black Gold


Burgundy White


Fog White


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Grey Charcoal


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Khaki White




Rust Charcoal


Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81 Black Glacier Grey


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The shoes arrived on time for the method of shipping that I chose. The carton appeared as if it had been shipped directly from the factory. I printed out the sizing pattern that's located on their website, followed the directions and sized my foot. I ordered accordingly. The shoes fit very well and I can say that they are the first pair of shoes, in a very long time, that do fit comfortably outside of the shoestore. I have wide feet with a high instep and have tried squeezing my feet into shoes, purchased off of the rack, for far too many years. This is the first time that I have purchased shoes through the mail and I can honestly say that in the future, I will never buy shoes any other way.
I have wide feet and I high insole so. I recently found that Rockport had some extra wide shoes (Margins). They fit my wide foot, are very comfortable, and look very nice. I'm happy to wear my Margins all day. It really is nice to have a pair of good fitting of shoes most people that that for granted. I definitely would recommend this shoe.


Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81 Colors:

Ultimate 81 Black Coal Black Glacier Grey Grey KW Storm Black Steel Grey
Cocoa White Orange Drizzle Black Grey Black Grey Royale
Kelly Green White Leaf Green White Navy White White Black Fire
White Black Sand White Brown White Green White Jet Black
White Mixed Black White Navy White Red White Shadow


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