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It seems you have privacy concerns about our website, rest assured that we are only a review website and do not extract information from you in any way. You are free to browse our website without signup process as there isn't any. We don't even use cookie functionality because of the privacy concerns of our users. But there are a few points which should be noted about our site.

We display ads from many different advertisers and merchants that may be using cookies on your PC to maximize the relevant of the ads, but we can't access that information nor its shared with us, you should direct yourself to their own website and read their privacy statement to make yourself satisfied. We can offer you a link where you can read the policy, for that you will have to send us an email.

Our website links to many 3rd party website which are not represented or endorsed by us, therefore its up to you to browse those website and you should be careful while giving our your personal information, its best recommended to read their privacy statement prior to submitting any kind of information.

The only place where you can submit private information is our contact form which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. In that case we assure you that any information you send us will be safe with us as we will never share or sell your information in any way except if forced by law.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this specific statement, then do not hesitate to dispatch us an email at the address provided on contact page.



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